• Image of Today Is A Miracle Embroidered Beanie

New beanie with a white embroidered Today Is A Miracle design! This beanie will keep your head toasty warm when it i freezing outside! You will LOVE wearing this while sipping hot chocolate, laughing with friends, enjoying twinkling Christmas lights and making memories this winter!

Black with white embroidery.

100% acrylic
12" in length
Pom-pom on top

Today Is A Miracle.
Act accordingly.

What does that mean to you? What are the miracles in your life? Here is what it means to me:

In 1984, doctors told my parents that I would not live to see my 10th birthday. Right now as I write this I'm 35 and the mama to a miracle girl who will be 9 in February. Life is full of endless possibilities and sometimes it takes conquering tremendous odds to really SEE that for ourselves.

The today is a miracle mantra comes from the fact I wanted to do something BIG in 2004 to celebrate the 20th anniversary of my kidney transplant. This shop was born then to help you embrace the miracles in your own life!